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At Storm Recruitment, we pride ourselves on our dedication to clients and candidates.
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Talent Reach

Storm Recruitment has a comprehensive database of high quality, professional candidates – both active jobseekers and those currently employed – who we contact with opportunities relevant to their skillset.

We advertise on the leading regional job boards and across our social media platforms to reach the best candidates possible.

We also use our own professional networks and connections to reach top candidates for our roles.

Expertise and Experience

Our consultants have a wide range of knowledge and experience, with an understanding of market trends, candidate availability and specific role requirements. Through relationship development we gain insight into our client’s preferences, ensuring that we know exactly what a client is searching for in their next hire.

Storm Recruitment is a proud member of the National Recruitment Federation, and all of our consultants obtain an NRF Professional Certificate in Recruitment Practice. Many of our consultants continue to pursue further education in their field as part of our focus on continuous improvement. 

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Production & General Operatives

Human Resources

Office staff

Banking & Finance

Sales & Marketing

Time Optimisation

By using Storm Recruitment, clients save valuable time that could be better used on other projects – no more sifting through CVs and applications, or spending time scheduling interviews. Storm Recruitment’s consultants take care of all communication and administration with our candidates.

Our video interview technology is also a massive time-saver, preventing time wasted on unsuitable candidates. Our candidates can record themselves answering client-specified questions, essentially eliminating first round interviews. From these videos, our clients can select which candidates they would like to meet. Watch below to see a quick overview of our video interview platform. 

Additional Services

Storm Recruitment carry out all reference checks on behalf of our clients and conduct preliminary interviews to ensure that our candidates are right for each role. Any candidate put forward to our clients has been directly spoken to by our consultants, ensuring that you are only presented with suitable candidates for your role.

If you wish to replace a hire you have made through Storm Recruitment, we offer a courtesy period of 8 weeks, where we will source a new placement for you at no extra cost.

Years of Experience

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