Temp Information

Please consult the below guide for information on your placement as temporary staff. If you have any further questions, please get in touch with your relevant consultant.

Welcome to the Storm Recruitment Temp Section!

If you would like to register with us for temp work, please send your CV to jobs@stormrecruitment.ie or call us on 01 255 7377 to speak to a consultant.

If you have been selected for temporary work through Storm Recruitment, congratulations! Below, you will find instructions and guidelines relating to your placement.

Temp Documents:

If you have been selected for temp work, the following documents will be requested:

Photo ID

Proof of PPSN

Proof of Address

Signed Contract

Signed GDPR Policy

Signed Personal Details Form

The Contract, Personal Details Form and GDPR Policy will be provided to you by your consultant. Please note that typed signatures on these documents will NOT be accepted – a physical signature or an e-signature are required. Failure to produce the above identification and documentation will jeopardise your placement – it is important to send them to your consultant as soon as possible. If at any time you have changes to your personal information such as a change of address, please contact us to let us know.

Bank Details

Personal bank details are required from each candidate for payment. In compliance with the Anti Money Laundering Act, payments can only be made into the account of the person working.


Storm Recruitment conducts reference checks for all candidates. As part of your Personal Details Form, you are requested to provide the contact information for two referees. If you also have written references, please email these to your consultant.

Sick Leave

Please consult your contract on information concerning sick leave. It is imperative that you inform your consultant if you require sick leave, no later than 8am on the day of your shift. We may be required to find a replacement, so please contact Storm Recruitment with as much notice as possible.

Completing your timesheets

A new timesheet is required for each working week. Please ensure that all relevant information is filled in on your timesheet, including dates, start and finish times, and breaks taken. You can download a timesheet here.

All hours MUST be totalled and signed by a manager. Storm Recruitment cannot process unsigned or incomplete timesheets.

The deadline for timesheets is 10am every Monday. If a timesheet is not submitted before this time, hours will be carried over to the following week.

All timesheets must be sent to Georgia Doyle and Siobhan Harding. To submit your timesheet, click below.

Tax and Revenue

It is the responsibility of the employee to register their employment with Revenue. This can be done prior to your start date to avoid emergency tax. To register your employment, click the button below.

You will need to provide Revenue with Storm Recruitment’s company registration number, which is: 9643560G.

If you have any queries relating to your timesheet, payment or tax, contact Siobhan at siobhan@stormrecruitment.ie, or call 01 255 7377 extension 7. Alternatively you can contact Georgia at georgia@stormrecruitment.ie or on 01 255 7377 ext 8.


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