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Introducing Storm Extras, Our Newest Sister Company

Storm Recruitment with over 25 years of recruitment experience is delighted to announce our newest venture, Storm Extras.  Our management team bring a wealth of experience, passion and enthusiasm to the Film Industry. Whether you are looking for an Extra or would like to become an Extra we are here to assist.  We will be working across all sectors of the industry including Film, TV, Commercials, Documentaries offering background extras, featured extras

Fiona Deasy

Fiona Deasy

Casting & Project Manager

Fiona our Casting & Project Manager, has a long-standing relationship with the Film Industry.  She worked as a camera assistant on many feature films, commercials, and documentaries working with the likes of John Boorman, Henry Cavill, Jackie Chan, and Richard Attenborough. She’s looking forward to working closely with productions and having the opportunity to get to know all about our extras!

Elaine Harding

Elaine Harding

Founder and Managing Director

Elaine our founder and Managing Director of Storm Extras, has been an entrepreneur for over 20 years with a well-established recruitment agency, Storm Recruitment. Elaine has been looking for a new adventure and is so excited to take all her knowledge from Storm Recruitment and apply it to Storm Extras


Sign up to Storm Extras for FREE and become an Extra!  

Firstly, we will need you to create your profile.  Please be as specific and as detailed as you can be.  The more information we have the better your chances of getting booked.

For the moment please sign up using the link below. We have a new website on its way that will be launching soon!


We are dedicated to giving you an exceptional experience tailored to you. We will listen carefully to your needs and look beyond the obvious for creative solutions.

 We are very aware that the film industry does not operate within the “traditional” 9-5 working hours because of this our tagline is “we work when you work”. We want you to know that we will support you outside of these hours if the need arises.



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