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Storm Recruitment focuses on developing strong, long-lasting partnerships with our clients, and delivering a quality service every time. Find out more about our services below.

How We Approach The Recruitment Process

At Storm Recruitment, we believe in quality over quantity. We will only send you candidates that meet your exact specifications, meaning that you can find the perfect fit for your role.

We provide highly skilled and professional candidates on a temporary, contract and full-time basis. We recruit across all sectors, specialising in the following areas:

Here is how we approach the recruitment process:

  • We use our state-of-the-art CRM to source the best candidates possible for employers. Then, using our leading video interview software, we can conduct solo interviews of our candidates with client specified questions, essentially eliminating the need for a first round interview.
  • These videos can be accessed via a personalised one-click portal, and can be shared with line managers and decision makers within your company.
  • Candidate videos can be viewed alongside their CV, and employers can provide instant feedback.
  • You can then specify which candidates you would like to interview – meaning that you are only talking to candidates you feel have potential within your business.
  • We do not charge any extra for the use of our video interview software – it’s completely free! To find out more about what we can do for you, watch our video below:

Click the button below to watch a quick demonstration of how our video interview technology works:

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If you need assistance with hiring and would like to find out more about Storm Recruitment, email us at jobs@stormrecruitment.ie or call us on 01 255 7377.