Interview Tips

Whether you are a corporate individual, a new graduate or a returnee to work, we can assist you with your interview training.

The majority of candidates who present themselves for interview, lack interview preparation and interview skills training. Approx 80% of the interview is based on your body language, attitude, facial expression, confidence and eye contact. The remaining 20% is based on you handle the interview.

We will go through the do’s and don’ts of interview techniques. We tailor it according to the level of position and industry you are interviewing with.

This includes one to one, one hour sessions with our consultant that will cover:

  • CV Analysis & Improvement
  • Frequently asked Questions
  • How to handle closed, general & pressure questions
  • Interview Rehearsal
  • Body language analysis
  • Feedback on performance
  • Points to address
  • Communication skills
  • Addressing nerves and stress
  • Video of interview rehearsal (optional)

We will give you honest feed back in your one to one session in areas you may not have realised were weak when in interview.

Investing in interview skills in this market is essential if you want to secure the position or promotion of your choice.

You have a warm engaging personality Yes/No

  1. You are able to maintain eye contact, without engaging in a staring competition Yes/No
  2. Your body language exudes a quiet confidence, not an ‘I want your job’ confidence Yes/No
  3. Your personal history is articulated to show what a clever, directed and consistent life you have led to this point Yes/No
  4. Any of your mysterious gaps or failings in your history can be cleared up, in a beneficial way, to discourage doubts by the interviewer Yes/No
  5. You can answer every question put to you in the way your interviewer is looking for and wants to hear Yes/No
  6. Your own questions are researched and prepared to engage your interviewer to show how much you know about the company Yes/No
  7. You respond to any trick questions with intelligence Yes/No
  8. You maintain professionalism and close out on the interview perfectly Yes/No
  9. You follow your chosen company’s recruitment process rules Yes/No