Questions to ask at an Interview

Questions to ask at an Interview


Ask questions which show your knowledge of the company, its markets and the job itself. At first interview do not ask about job conditions such as salary, hours of work etc. or embarrassing or confidential questions.


  • Ask about the company, its history, ownership, strengths, weaknesses and future plans.


How long has the company been in existence?

How has it grown?

What future plans do you have?

What are your main opportunities / threats that you face?

What are your general policies towards employees – promotion from within etc?

A recent article spoke about XYZ development, how is that going?

Ask about the markets and products.

What are your main brand names?

What percentages of your products are exported?

Who are your main competitors?


  • Ask about the job.


To whom would I report?

In my present company we use XYZ process; do you use a similar process?

Is this a new position?

What do you want this person to achieve?


  • Ask about matters outside your area.


            “I have a good understanding of the accounting function and where I would fit in. Could you tell me something about the overall management structure of the company?”


  • Ask about your prospects within the company.


Where would you see me in two years time, assuming that I perform well in this position.


  • Ask about any area that the new interviewer has shown he enjoyed talking about.


“That successful new product, how will it help with the company’s image?”

“Do you mind if I ask how you have been with the company?”

“The people I have met so far seem very friendly. Is it usually like that in this company?”


  • Finally, ask how you fit their specification.

I am very interested in this job and feel my experience is very appropriate. How do you think I match your requirements?