Temping Contract


To be paid correctly and on time, it is YOUR responsibility to make sure that your timesheets are completed accurately, signed by both the Client and yourself, and scanned to Storm’s office each Friday before 3pm or on the last day of your assignment if you finish mid-week.

Incorrect or incomplete timesheets will delay your pay. The procedure to complete your timesheet correctly is:

– Please ensure that you write in very neat clear print.

  1. A Timesheet is required for each new assignment and for each new week you work. Each timesheet must be signed by both the client and yourself in order to be processed.
  2. When your Consultant gives you the details of an assignment, he/she will give you the following information:
  • Company name and address
  • Person to whom you report
  • Job specification
  • Hours of work
  • Duration of assignment
  • Your rate of pay
  1. Sign the timesheet and please ensure you have given your consultant full bank details clearly and in full. The following is required:
  • Sort Code
  • Bank Name & Address
  • Bic Code
  • Iban Number
  • Account No.
  • Account Name

All payments are made directly to your bank account.

  1. Ask the Client to confirm your hours by signing the timesheet.
  2. Give one copy to the Client, keep a record for yourself and scan a copy to Storm Recruitment.
  3. Make it your responsibility to ensure that you have sufficient quantities of timesheets at all times. Timesheets can be downloaded on-line.  
  4. If your assignment extends with the same Client into the following week, please ensure that all the details are exactly as per original timesheet. Please record accurately the information given by the consultant.
  5. The working week is Monday to Friday. The payroll is calculated and deposited directly into your bank account on the following Friday. Please note It can take up to 3 working days to reach your account
  6. PAYE is deducted by Storm Recruitment and your most recent P45 or tax details are required in order to make the correct deductions. Without the correct up-to-date details, emergency tax will apply.
  7. Holiday and public holiday pay – statutory rights apply
  8. Overtime – Temporary staff are paid a basic rate for the normal client working week. Overtime is paid according to individual client company policy.